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Fill your bag with 6-7 loads of laundry (about 50lbs). If it fits in the bag, we’ll clean it! Your bag enables order tracking, ensuring safe and speedy delivery of your fresh laundry.

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Premium service tailored to you

With customizable laundry instructions and a network of vetted laundry professionals, you'll always know where your clothes are and can communicate directly with our laundry pros.

Picking up laundry bag

Front door pickup and delivery in 4 hours

A driver will pick up your laundry in under 30 minutes, and return with your laundry cleaned and folded in less than 4 hours. We’re not exaggerating. In fact, it’s usually more like 3 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Tumble instead of doing my laundry myself?

How does Tumble's pricing work?

What is the capacity of a Tumble bag?

Can I trust Tumble with my laundry?

What's the typical pickup and delivery duration?

How can Tumble provide such speedy laundry services?

When can I expect Tumble in my city?

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