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Frequently asked questions

How is Tumble able to offer such fast laundry service?
Tumble is the premier provider of smart laundry and has a nationwide network of modern IoT-integrated machines powered by our software platform. This allows us to maximize and modernize the process of doing laundry, making it faster and more efficient. We are able to deliver clean and folded laundry in just four hours, compared to the twenty four hours or more it takes our competitors.
How much laundry does a bag fit?
Tumble bags fit 40 to 50 pounds of laundry or about 2 large hampers worth of clothes. On average, a person will produce 4 large hampers worth of laundry a month or two Tumble laundry bags. This bag size is fairly standard across the industry but is usually priced per pound. If you were to fill the bag with 45 lbs. of laundry it would cost about $1.29 a pound.
Why should I pay for Tumble's laundry service when I can do it myself?
Laundry is a time-consuming chore that many people dread. By using Tumble's on-demand pick-up and delivery service, you can save time and hassle while still getting your laundry done affordably. We have a large network of machines and are able to offer excess capacity for everyday laundry at an affordable price.
How do I know my clothes will be safe with Tumble?
The Tumble app allows you to track your items from start to finish. We understand how important it is for our customers to trust us with their clothes, which is why we use real-time in-app tracking, so you can see exactly where your laundry is at all times. No more guessing or waiting around for pickup and delivery.
How long does pickup and delivery take with Tumble?
Our typical pickup times are under 30 minutes, and we have round trip times of typically under 4 hours. We do your laundry hyper-local, one laundry pro at a time, which allows us to maintain the fastest pickup and delivery times while still providing high-quality service.
How does Tumble pricing work?
Tumble keeps pricing simple by charging per bag. If you were to fill the bag with 45 lbs. of laundry it would cost about $1.29 a pound. This price varies slightly based on factors like your distance from the washer location, but average price per bag is $60. One bag fits 40 to 50 pounds of laundry, about two weeks worth for 1 person or 2 large laundry baskets full of clothes. You will see your price in-app before confirming the pick-up, and there are no added fees or surprises.
When will Tumble be available in my city?
Tumble is constantly expanding to new markets. Make sure to sign up for our waitlist and enter your zip code so we can notify you as soon as Tumble becomes available in your area.
Can I become a washer for Tumble?
Yes, you can! Just visit this link to sign up.

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